Hospitals : Kidney transplantation is an innovative surgical solution for kidney failure that involves replacing diseased organs with healthy ones from either living or deceased donors.

India boasts an abundance of world-class kidney transplant hospitals staffed with internationally experienced Nephrologists and Urologists.

WDI Medical Tourism assists international patients to access quality healthcare at an affordable cost at hospitals throughout India.

1. Indraprastha Apollo hospitals

Indraprastha Apollo Hospitals
Indraprastha Apollo hospitals

Under Apollo Hospitals Group’s direction and accredited by JCI, Indraprastha Apollo Hospitals of New Delhi is India’s finest multispecialty tertiary care hospital. Boasting 52 specialist medical departments and offering care to international patients alike – Indraprastha Apollo was also the first hospital in history to perform pediatric liver transplants and offers one of the busiest organ transplant programs.

The hospital boasts the largest Sleep Lab in Asia and the most ICU beds of any private hospital in India, as well as being a top center for kidney transplants in India. Equipped with state-of-the-art technology and offering autologous bone marrow transplants at competitive prices. Furthermore, this comprehensive cancer care facility features 64-slice PET CT scanning, Novalis Tx therapy treatment plans, Cobalt HDR Brachytherapy, etc, for cutting-edge cancer care treatment services.

2. Apollo Hospitals Chennai

Apollo Hospitals Chennai
Apollo Hospitals Chennai

The hospital is well known for providing superior kidney transplants and other treatments, using cutting-edge medical equipment and diagnostic facilities that help patients heal quickly.

At our facility, we specialize in Birmingham Hip Resurfacing Surgery as well as innovative procedures such as Bioresorbable Vascular Scaffold to enable coronary artery bypass surgeries without metal stents. In addition, the TrueBeam STX radiotherapy system provides more precise and accurate treatments.

Staff at this hospital is highly experienced in performing both autologous and allogeneic bone marrow transplantation procedures for blood disorders such as leukemia and lymphoma, adhering to rigorous infection control measures that are particularly essential when transplanting patients with BMT procedures. Furthermore, its team of doctors boasting impressive success rates has been explicitly assembled for BMT treatments.

3. Medanta The Medicity Delhi NCR

Medanta The Medicity Delhi Ncr
Medanta The Medicity Delhi NCR

Medanta The Medicity was established by renowned cardiovascular and cardiothoracic surgeon Dr Naresh Trehan in 2009. As one of India’s largest multi-super-specialty healthcare centers with over 1250 beds and 29 super-specialty units, it is well known for achieving India’s highest number of kidney transplants as well as one of its top hospitals for liver transplants.

This hospital seeks to bring International standards of medical care, clinical research, education, and training to India. Its ethics are guided by passion, respect, and commitment.

Medanta Hospital boasts some of the world’s finest doctors. Medanta stands out with its expertise in cardiac surgery, kidney transplantation, and oncology treatments – as well as being one of the leaders in brain clot removal services.

4. Max Super Specialty Hospital Saket

Max Super Specialty Hospital Saket
Max Super Specialty Hospital Saket

The multi-super specialty hospital boasts world-class infrastructure and advanced technologies, as well as a team of expertly trained professionals who work collaboratively to offer excellent care. Their services span from surgery, diagnosis, and treatment to providing various ancillary services that assist patients during recovery.

This hospital in South Delhi is easily accessible by road, 16km from both the international airport and New Delhi railway station respectively. Equipped with high-end modular operating theatres, an emergency resuscitation unit, 72 critical care beds, and a fully functional hemodialysis unit;

The hospital provides an array of services, such as liver transplantation, gastroenterology, oncology, urology, and neurology. Furthermore, it offers cutting-edge diagnostic and treatment technologies – some for the first time in India or Asia!

5. Gleneagles Global Hospital Chennai

Gleneagles Global Hospital Chennai
Gleneagles Global Hospital Chennai

Gleneagles Global Hospital Chennai, or GGHC for short, has long been recognized as India and Asia’s largest kidney transplantation center. Recently, GGHC celebrated completing 500 successful renal transplants. Furthermore, this hospital has seen great success performing liver (LDLT, DDLT, Auxiliary Liver Transplant, and Split liver transplantation surgeries) surgeries with equal levels of success.

At its heart lies a multi-super specialty quaternary care hospital of 1000 beds offering world-class healthcare at cost-effective prices. Services provided at this hospital include Oncology, Neurology, Nephrology, Gastroenterology, and Lung transplant surgery, as well as rehabilitation therapy modalities and doctors following international protocols to perform surgeries successfully. Furthermore, its emergency room provides facilities such as cardiopulmonary resuscitation, endotracheal intubation, and central venous access.

6. Fortis Memorial Research Institute FMRI Delhi

Fortis Memorial Research Institute Fmri Delhi
Fortis Memorial Research Institute FMRI Delhi

Fortis Memorial Research Institute FMRI Delhi is a super-specialty, quaternary care hospital equipped with state-of-the-art infrastructure and cutting-edge equipment, offering services in areas like Robotic Surgery, Neurosciences, Oncology, Renal Sciences, BMT/Organ Transplants as well as Orthopaedics Cardiac Sciences Obstetrics Gynaecology.

At our hospital, our expert physicians work in teams of numerous doctors who offer contemporary healthcare. Their practices reflect our core values of Integrity, Patient-Centricity, Respect for Others, and Excellence.

Neelam Babbar had been suffering from an uncommon disease involving abnormal proteinaceous material accumulation in her lungs. Fortis Memorial Research Institute physicians successfully treated this illness using lung lavage as part of an innovative therapy procedure, and she was eventually able to lead an everyday, healthy life again.

7. Kokilaben Mumbai

Kokilaben Mumbai
Kokilaben Mumbai

Kokilaben Dhirubhai Ambani Hospital & Medical Research Institute is one of India’s most advanced multispecialty care facilities and an initiative of Reliance Group headed by Anil Dhirubhai Ambani to raise India’s international standing as a healthcare hub through excellence in clinical services and diagnostics.

The hospital offers cutting-edge treatment for cancer, bone marrow transplants, kidney disease, organ transplants, neurosurgery, cardiac surgery, and various other illnesses, with highly trained surgeons. Surgeons also boast good track records. Furthermore, it boasts Asia’s first 3-room intraoperative MRI Suite Novalis TX from Varian Medical Systems, as well as its first-ever EDGE Radiosurgery System from Varian Medical Systems, among others, firsts for patient care.

BMT in Kokilaben, Mumbai, boasts an excellent success rate and international patients have been extremely pleased with its expert service at an affordable cost. Before scheduling an appointment, it is vitally important that your insurance covers this procedure in full.

8. Manipal Hospital Bangalore

Manipal Hospital Bangalore
Manipal Hospital Bangalore

Manipal Hospital Bangalore is one of India’s renowned tertiary care hospitals. Offering comprehensive medical treatments at an affordable cost, its team of doctors and staff strives to deliver outstanding patient care.

India boasts world-renowned expertise when it comes to kidney transplant surgery, with many surgeons holding international experience and using cutting-edge technology for optimal patient care.

International patients often opt for hospitals in Asia because they provide similar levels of quality at significantly reduced costs than Western hospitals.

Indian hospitals also offer living donor transplant options, allowing friends and family members to donate kidneys directly. With its combination of world-class expertise, cutting-edge technology, and affordability, India is quickly becoming a premier destination for kidney transplant surgeries.

9. Max Healthcare Shalimar Bagh

Max Healthcare Shalimar Bagh
Max Healthcare Shalimar Bagh

Max Healthcare Shalimar Bagh is a 280-bed multispecialty hospital situated in North Delhi and offering top quality multispecialty tertiary care, specializing in Cancer, Cardiac Sciences, Neurosciences, Orthopaedics, Gastroenterology, and Minimal Access Metabolic and Bariatric Surgery (MAMBS). Since 1999, the hospital has provided care to over 4 lakh patients!

The hospital is equipped with state-of-the-art technologies such as an MRI 1.5 Tesla, Discovery IQ PET CT, and 16-slice CT Scanner. In addition, its radiation oncology department features fully automated state-of-the-art machines like SRS (Stereotactic radiosurgery), IMRT, and IGRT systems for accurate treatment planning.

Dr Alok Kalyani provided excellent care for my mom when she experienced high fever episodes, going over all relevant CT scans and blood reports before suggesting Brucella testing, which proved positive – providing an answer that brought the fever down swiftly.

10. Sir Ganga Ram Hospital

Sir Ganga Ram Hospital
Sir Ganga Ram Hospital

Kidney transplant surgery is a surgical process that entails replacing one failing kidney with a healthy one from either a living or deceased donor, providing increased quality of life, lower mortality risk, and less restrictive diet restrictions than dialysis treatments for end-stage kidney disease patients.

India is an esteemed medical destination for kidney transplantation, boasting experienced surgeons and cutting-edge facilities. Hospitals throughout India provide comprehensive patient care from pre-transplant evaluations through post-transplant follow-ups.

India’s premier kidney transplant hospitals are accredited by both national and international bodies to guarantee the safety and quality of their services. Furthermore, modern techniques like laparoscopic donor nephrectomy help minimize post-op pain while speeding recovery for organ donors.

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