Atlantic Broadband email and support cheatsheet

AtlanticBB and Metrocast Email Settings and Support Guide

A handy reference guide to Atlantic Broadband ISP email, account log in, settings, and support. AtlanticBB is based in Quincy, MA and is the 8th largest cable provider in the US.

check your atlanticbb or metrocast email

Log into your AtlanticBB or Metrocast email:


Forgot your user name?
Enter your account number and address or phone number to retrieve your id. Forgot your password? Create a new AtlanticBB account

Email settings for Atlantic Broadband (

Username : Your email address (including the @ portion)

SMTP server Server:
Port: 465
Security type (if prompted): SSL
Use password authentication

Security type (if prompted): SSL

POP Server:
Port: 995

Security type (if prompted): SSL


The web-based Phone Manager lets you listen to your voicemail, set up email delivery of voicemail, manage your calling features, and view your call log.

Atlanticbb phone manager

Phone and voicemail user guide (PDF)

pay your atlanticbb bill

Here’s every way that you can pay your residential AtlanticBB bill online.

Account login (You will need a login to use bill pay.)

Customer support (888) 536-9600

Payment office locations

atlanticbb outage check

Is AtlanticBB currently down?

If you’ve rebooted your router and modem and you still can’t access your AtlanticBB services, you can check Down Detector and Twitter to see if other AtlanticBB customers are reporting problems:

Check for reported outages

Report an outage to AtlanticBB

Report an outage to AtlanticBB


Is The Service Down?

Complaints on Twitter

AtlanticBB Email FAQs

How do you set up your phone or Outlook for Atlantic Broadband email?

Once you have the mail server information above, you can use any of the detailed guides on the internet to set up Atlantic BB email on your iPhone, Android, or other client. Use one of the handy guides for common mail programs:

What is the hostname for AtlanticBB email?

If you are setting up an email program to access your email and it is asking for your server hostname, it is usually referring to the incoming server hostname. For IMAP, the hostname is, and for POP it is Use port 993 for IMAP and port 995 for POP. Use SSL for both.

You can use either the IMAP or POP server, but IMAP is more modern and has more features. It will leave a copy of the email on the server, which means you could set up an email program on both your laptop and your phone, and retain access to all of your emails. With POP, the default behavior is for your email program to download your email and remove it from the server, making it accessible on only that device.

How do I transfer my AtlanticBB email to Gmail?

There’s a two-step process if you want to transfer your AtlanticBB email to Gmail. First, you’ll want to do a bulk import of all your emails and contacts. Next, set up Gmail to fetch all any new emails that are received.

In Gmail, click on the gear icon and then click Settings. Follow the prompts to set up the import, using the IMAP email settings listed above.

After you’ve done the initial import, configure Check email from other accounts, which is in the same settings menu. This will set up Gmail to fetch new emails from your AtlanticBB account.

You can read more at the Gmail Support page.

How do I set up email forwarding on AtlanticBB?

To set up email forwarding, log into Email Tools at

Can I keep my email address if I cancel Atlantic Broadband?

No. You will lose access to your AtlanticBB email when you discontinue your service. To retain your email history and contacts, use an email client such as Gmail to import your old messages. You should also set up a new email service, set up email forwarding to copy your new AtlanticBB emails to your new service, and then notify people on your contact list about your new email address.

It’s a good idea to do this well ahead of time before cancelling your AtlanticBB service. While your email access may not be discontinued immediately after you send your cancellation notice, you will lose access shortly after.

For an example of how to do this, check out the “How do I transfer my AtlanticBB email to Gmail?” answer above.